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Dr. Audrey Reardon
24 August 1979
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Name: Audrey [Zoey Noelle] Reardon

Age: 27 [August 24th, 1979]

Occupation: Oncology Intern

History: Audrey was born and raised in Greenwich, CT. Her father, Rich, is a CPA. Her mother, Ann, is currently the head of the English department at Yale. Audrey is also an only child.

Growing up, she was a loner, but those who did decide to befriend her loved her. Regardless of her being quiet and shy, once people would take the time and interest in talking to her, she'd open up. Audrey was always the dependable friend who friends would always go to first for support and advice. Even though she was the rock for her friends, she has never been in a relationship (even to this day).

Audrey has no idea what made her decide to persue medicine. She figures that perhaps some people are just born with the desire. When choosing between colleges, she wanted to go far away so she can learn how to be on her own since she had been so taken care of all her life. She decided on Berkley's pre-med program. She excelled and made Dean's List her first semester.

Then, in her second semester, she went to a party. Audrey woke up the next morning, not knowing where she was and who she was laying down next to. Turns out, she was across town. Feeling confused, sick, in pain, and just not right, she went to a walk-in clinic where they ran blood tests on her. Turns out she had GHB in her system. They did a rape kit on her which turned out positive. Even though she sensed this is what happened since she woke up that morning, she was devastated, yet she kept it all bottled inside. She decided to transfer to Yale to be closer with family, although she never breathed a word about this to anyone. She came back home a broken shell of herself. As much as her parents pleaded for an explanation of her abrupt transformation, she'd simply brush it off and move on.

Feeling like she had no grip, she turned to food restriction and the occasional diet pill to find some control in her life. To this day, she struggles with the illness, but she's getting better at controlling her addictions so as to not be found out, although she slips more when she has a particularly tough day. However, since she's been losing a lot of sleep, she's now gotten into self-medicating with OTC sleeping pills.

Feeling pessimistic and self-punishing, she chose oncology as a concentration. She thinks if she were a type-A optimist, she'd be in obstetrics playing with the cooing babies in the nursery. Oncology is a symbol of the dichotomy within her: she could have easily gone into forensics, but with oncology, there's a chance for hope, but she just won't admit that to herself.

Attitude: Audrey keeps detached emotionally so she can freely observe human nature to feed her analytical nature. She takes herself and her work quite seriously, but that's because she's internally quite insecure about herself and what the hell she's doing professionally as well as personally. This ultimately makes her a driven perfectionist.

Regardless of those behaviors, she still demonstrates professional respect to those who deserve it. Whenever people actually break through her forcibly self-erected wall (even just a little), her defense mechanisms are a death-glare or else walking away and withdrawing. Naturally, with her being so wound up, she's a restless soul (who doesn't believe in souls).

However, after over 8 years of this, her cracks are becoming abysses. Little by little, her stresses begin to weigh on her and burden her, not being able to ignore it much anymore.

Style of dress: Conservative. Always skirts no higher than mid-knee, a dress shirt, and never without her labcoat. Her colors are always drab--greys and blacks.

Orientation: (Sexual?) Straight [and awkward about sex, love, romance, etc lol]

Other: A few of her interesting quirks are when she's nervous or else impatient, she hums either "My Country 'Tis of Thee" (even though she's not a flag-waving patriot) or "Singin' in the Rain" (she has a secret love of classic musicals, but can go on for hours about why she hates "West Side Story" and "Grease").

She hates her middle names and doesn't understand why they gave her not just ONE odd one, but TWO odd ones. She also absolutely hates being called "Audie".

Prefers pearls, if she wears jewelery. Her favorite piece of jewelery is a light pink pearl necklace that hugs her neckline. It was her grandmother's.

Doesn't drink--because of what happened her freshman year.

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